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Promoting Better Oral Health With An Educational Dental Website

If you have a dental practice, then you know that the harsh reality is that most people do not want to visit one. Despite understanding the importance of regular dental checkups, most people will avoid visiting the dentist until they are faced with a dental emergency, and even then, they would rather use painkillers or self-medicate to avoid having to sit in the dental chair. However, it is very important for them to face their fears and incorporate regular visits to the dentist into their lifestyle.

The importance of a strong online presence

A dental website is an excellent way of getting your message across whilst promoting your dental practice at the same time. Without a good website in this era of digital technology, where people search for health care services online, it would be almost impossible to expand your dental practice. Even if you are to put a postcard through the letterbox, it is more than likely that the receiver will type your name into Google to find out more about you before they pick up the phone to give you a call.

In the same way, a word-of-mouth referral will usually be followed up by a Google search rather than a phone call. Therefore, when a potential patient types your name into Google, it is important that you have a strong online presence so that they can find out everything they need when they reach your website. Even if they do not know the name of your dental practice but are looking to address their dental needs, you must have a good website and strong SEO. So, when a patient searches for a ‘dentist near me’ in your vicinity, your website will be one of the first to come up on the search results list.

If you already have a website in place for your dental practice, then it is important to keep maintaining this on a regular basis. You should upload new content in the form of written articles, photographs of successful treatment procedures being carried out at your practice, video messages from you and your team and information promoting the importance of regular dental appointments.

If you do not have a website for your dental practice, then you have to speak to a digital dental marketing team that is experienced in creating dental websites. Such a team can put together a highly bespoke, modern and attractive website for your practice that addresses all aspects of your business. So when a potential patient lands on your page, they would be encouraged to explore the entire website and find out everything they need about their dental needs.

Your website should have a separate section for nervous patients to address dental anxiety and phobia. Now, especially after the pandemic, many of those who used to visit the dentist regularly may have avoided doing so. Therefore, they may require an extra boost to get them back into the routine of coming in for frequent examinations and addressing their dental needs.

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