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Bridezilla: the Quest for the Perfect Day

A few months ago, Fortune magazine released an online article predicting that there will be a wedding boom this year. This forecast is hardly surprising because many couples rescheduled their 2020 wedding for this year. They further stated that the rise of the Covid had an unexpected effect on the celebration.

Whatever this effect is, it surely does not lessen the pre-wedding stress. This anxiety might even take away the magic out of your relationship. You surely do not want such a thing to happen to you and your better half. What can you do to quell this from casting a shadow over your relationship?

Before the toxicity destroys your relationship, take a step back from the wedding madness. Just sit back and carefully read this article. It might just save the love that binds you two.

Build on the Foundation

Before 2020 ended, BBC published an article showing the increase in couples calling it quits. We were expecting their conclusion. It was hardly surprising that isolation can adversely affect a relationship, especially with financial stress. The added wedding pressure might worsen things.

In this case, the two of you should take a step back. Revisit the reason why you fell in love. It might even help if you recreate your first date. Just allow yourself to fall in love again.

This period is an excellent time for you to rebuild your relationship. It seems strange because you had the entire lockdown period to work on it. Unlike the isolation period, you are no longer in a survival mode. It equates to less stress on both partners. Thus, both of you are more receptive to what their better half is saying.

Surviving the first year of the pandemic allowed you to establish a routine. It made the world less chaotic. This condition gives some semblance of normalcy. It makes you more honest about your relationship without being on each other’s throats.

Take a Break

Before the pandemic, many people wanted the chance to work from home. They prefer this working condition because it supposedly allows them more time with their loved ones. But remote working is not what we thought it would be.

Forbes published an article stating that people have a hard time maintaining a work-life balance while working at home. If you think about it, when was the last time that you had a break? You probably cannot remember when it was. In this case, why don’t you allow yourself to take a breather?

Allowing yourself to take a breath will help you reset your emotions. When we say taking a break, we are not merely talking about filing a leave and staying home to do chores. But take this time to pamper yourself. In this case, go to your favorite hair salon to indulge in their latest treatment. You will be astounded that once you go home, you will feel less stressed.

Ask for Help

We intentionally skipped talking about the impending nuptials so that you can focus on the essentials – yourself and the relationship. But now, it is time to revert to your wedding planning. We insist that you ask for help. We are not just talking about the wedding planner.

Allowing your family and friends to pitch in will lessen your stress. You can even ask your nieces and nephews to help. This step is essential if you are joining two families. It signifies that you wholeheartedly welcome your stepchildren.

When you ask for help from your loved ones, your request should be reasonable. Seek responsible family members. Do not go looking for trouble by reaching out to your deadbeat cousin. She will only increase your stress, so work with dependable people.

Avoid Drama

Remember that this is your day. Others should keep this in mind too. With this said, everyone must leave their drama behind.

Accommodate small favors. Let us say that a friend might ask for a vegetarian option for the wedding dinner. In this case, entertain her request. But you should draw a line on unusual ones. One of the most common are requests to make a speech. Unless you are sure that the speaker will not embarrass you, you should politely turn him down.

Your wedding day should be an occasion where the couples and a handful of guests shed happy tears. It should not be shed out of frustration or outright anger. Although it will take a lot of effort for things to run smoothly, you must not focus on the celebration itself. Instead, the ceremony should be about your love.


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