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Rocking a Memorable Bridal Shower

A wedding is a festive occasion. But its festivities are not contained in the day itself. Many happy events lead to it. One of them is the bridal shower. The bride-to-be bids goodbye to her bachelorette days. She is also ushered to the world of the brides. How does a loved one pull off a memorable bridal shower?

Planning is key

To take the stress off the host, it is wise to get a professional for party and event planning. A bridal shower can be between two months or two weeks before the wedding. This time can be busy not only for the couple but for their dear ones, too.

Having somebody take care of the details will lift a great burden. This includes the reservation of the location and the food. Also, having a planner will not let the bride-to-be get suspicious if one of her entourage seems to be always busy. Bridal showers are often a surprise to the bride.

The important thing is to have a set budget. From this, the planner can work on the concept of the host. Do not forget to hand out an invitation to the closest lady friends and relatives. The wedding guest list is a good reference for this. In all the stages, open communication is a must.

Add personality to it

A theme adds personality to any bridal shower. Does the bride-to-be love Disney princesses? Or is she a romantic chic at heart? Is she a sporty one or a pajama-clad gal?

You need to incorporate the theme in all the elements. This includes invitations, decorations, food, and party favors. The theme can also encompass the attire that the guests will wear. Only the closest will know the preference of the star of the party. Make her happy by having a celebration packed with things that she loves.

Let good food flow

lots of food

Food setup in a bridal shower is usually not that formal. It leans on finger food, light snacks, and some bubbly drinks. But it is still essential to offer only the best. Good food is a great way to feel comfortable around each other. Also, in any event, food is one of the details that stick mostly to the mind of the guests. Find a caterer that will impress the guests with sumptuous selections.

Break the ice

A bridal shower may consist of people who will be seeing each other for the first time. It is only natural for the bride-to-be to have sets of friends who are not acquainted with one another. No need to let awkwardness fill the air. There are great ideas for bridal shower games that will help break the ice. The location is essential here if the host opts for group games. It will be a blast spending time with each other.

Showcase the gifts

Although it is not compulsory to bring a gift, the pinnacle of the bridal shower is usually this. Lady friends and relatives bring in a gift that they think could help the bride as she starts a new life. This party has a designated time for gift opening. Thus, it is important to set a table for gifts. Have someone record the items and from whom they come from. This will help the bride-to-be do her thank-you notes.

A bridal shower is a gathering of women celebrating with a loved one. Their time and gifts are their way of showing that they are happy for her. A well-planned event will warm the heart of the bride.

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