Room with a View: Special Tips for Installing Window Blinds and Curtains

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Much like its meaning, looking into a house through its windows should evoke its character. It should give you a warm and homey feeling. People tend to look at windows first, and this is probably where they will draw their first impression.

When it comes to custom window treatments, Florida has you covered. There are companies that can help you with solutions such as the installation of various blinds and the application of tints. It’s important for you to take care of your windows because they serve as a gateway for natural elements such as sunlight and wind. Just closing them won’t cut it. There are protective and decorative instruments that you can install in your frames such as blinds and curtains. Here are suggestions for you to know which ones match best to which rooms.

Window Blinds

These come in different forms, and they are available as DIY packages. You can also have a professional do the customization for you so that you can have them installed to the exact measurements of your window frames. To keep up with modern times, you have the option to get ones that have motorized rollers. You don’t have to pull on some ropes anymore if you need to adjust them.

Many homes use Venetian blinds. These consist of small horizontal slats that you can wind all the way up or tilt them to allow sunlight in. These can be made from different materials. Those with aluminum slats go well in just about any room. The wooden ones would go well on windows that have a view of the garden, or you can put them in a room where you want a more natural ambiance. They are very easy to clean. You can just wipe them with a damp cloth or dust them off every now and then.

Vertical blinds are more suited for wide frames. You mostly see these in office spaces, as buildings usually have large windows that can span a whole side of the room. The orientation may be different, but it otherwise shares much of the characteristics of its horizontal siblings.

Even though blinds are meant to be installed permanently, you can still have fun decorating them. It’s easy to stick trinkets to them. You can also try making design printouts and cut them to the size of the slats and stick them on both sides. Whenever you tilt the slats, your design will be shown as if it was slowly being revealed. Tilt it the other way to show the other image.


Female closing curtains

These will not ever go out of style. While you need to have them cleaned in the laundry, the fact that you need to replace them every few weeks or so gives variety to any room. It’s having a new look every time you put on freshly cleaned curtains. You also have more control over how much light you want to let in. Just change to a thicker fabric, and you can seal the light away. If you still want to have a solution that is fixed, you can have rolling curtains installed. These are made out of harder fabric, and it’s best to clean these using a vacuum cleaner.

No matter which side you are looking at, windows give you that feeling of being home. It will always be the part of the house that you will gaze at while deep in your thoughts.

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