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Seven Frequently Overlooked Parts of Your Home When It Comes to Cleaning

Whether it’s spring cleaning time or just another day going about the household routine, keeping your home tidy can present a sizeable workload. As you clean your house in Utah, how thorough of a job are you doing? Here are some objects and areas in the house which might not be getting enough attention during the process.

Roof gutters

The roof of your home may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Unattended debris buildup in your gutters can leave you scrambling to deal with leaks and repairs, calling in residential roofing services when the Salt Lake City weather turns cold. Climb up the roof twice a year to clear your gutters with a scoop, and trim any nearby tree branches before the winter.

Light bulbs

Due to their function as a source of illumination, we seldom notice that light fixtures can gather dust or even harbor bugs. Not only does this make them a potential source of germs in the home, it can also reduce effective output by up to 30% and increase your energy expenses. Don gloves, cut the power, and carefully remove the bulbs and wipe clean with a damp or dry cloth.

Window screens

In a similar manner, window screens can accumulate dust and dirt unnoticed even as they let sunlight into your home. This can lead to poor air quality and allergic reactions or respiratory irritation. Cleaning your window screens once a year with a lint roller, or a brush and water will prevent this from becoming a long-term issue.

Shower heads and faucets

Unless the water flowing out of your tap or shower is muddy or discolored, you probably don’t pay much thought to cleaning these fixtures. Yet in many parts of Utah, high water hardness leads to mineral deposits forming frequently and congesting water flow. To clean these, place a vinegar-filled plastic bag around your faucet or shower head, making sure the end is immersed for at least 30 minutes, and scrub afterwards with a toothbrush.

Water heater

Your water heater is another appliance which quietly gets the job done until something goes wrong and you start hearing odd noises. Mineral deposits and general accumulation of sediment are something you can avoid with annual flushing; this will help lower your energy costs and extend the heater’s lifespan.


Over time, the inside of your oven can accumulate its share of food spills and spatters, and general gunk or dirt. This can go unnoticed because it tends to be dark when not in use, and hot during operation. Every two or three months, run your oven’s self-cleaning cycle and wash the racks with soap to maintain a clean interior.

Trash cans

vacuum cleaner

Around the house, garbage cans could be some of the most-ignored areas when it comes to cleaning. After all, you put trash in there, so why bother? But not all of the germs go out when you dispose of the trash. Clean your indoor trash cans every month or two, so that all the dirt doesn’t build up and become a source of contamination in your home.

These are just a few of the possible areas in your home which could get overlooked every time you go about your household cleaning duties. Look around for other objects which might be ignored or unnoticed, and take the steps to maintain and clean them as needed.

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