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The Understated Charm of Rustic Weddings

Millennials. This generation has been behind many trends across different industries. Food, clothing, businesses are redefined because of the preferences of these consumers. Another area that has seen a shift is the wedding concept. Couples who get married nowadays prefer a rustic-themed wedding. This shows in the high demand for magnificent country wedding venues in Minnesota. What makes this theme popular?

Discreet Elegance

Some people think that a rustic wedding is cheaper than its traditional counterpart. This assumption is far from the truth. Millennials are the generation that builds their career first before settling down. Thus, it is safe to say that they have saved enough for their weddings. They are ready to spend a great deal. They only want to be modest about it. They believe that hotels and formal settings are too fancy for their tastes. Thus, they find a way to insert class and elegance in a different setting.

Also, they want to enjoy themselves on their special day. Choosing a more formal setting will direct them to the scrutiny of guests. Every detail tends to be judged. Whereas, a rustic-themed wedding promotes a more laid-back atmosphere. It spells of fun alone, no judgments.

A Great Avenue for Self-Expression

Rustic-themed weddings are specific yet diverse with details—chalkboard signs, water barrels, and wood stumps for centerpieces. These are only some inspirations for this type of wedding. Millennials want to showcase their identities. They want to infuse as much of their personalities as they can in every detail. Thus, this setup is perfect for them.

Couples nowadays are not afraid to be bold about their choices. This is another advantage of having a rustic wedding. There are no hard rules on how it should be. Your venue is your blank canvas. You can paint it any way you want.

Relaxed Vibe

Have you ever attended a wedding where you feel like you are walking on glass? A rustic-themed wedding eradicates this feeling. Couples have only one aim in mind: to celebrate and have fun with their loved ones and friends. They envision their wedding as carefree and full of warmth and laughter. They do not want their guests to have something to complain about.

This is very much possible in country weddings. They lean more on flowing food, hearty conversations, and lively music. Even the attires are not that strict as compared to their formal counterparts. Guests are encouraged to be comfortable.

Love for Nature

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Even if millennials are a busy bunch, they are the adventurous kind. They love to hike, camp, or simply be in the outdoors. Choosing a venue full of greenery (and even some farm animals) is a reflection of their love for nature. It is even possible that they have met their betrothed in one of their outdoor trips. Thus, they want to have a ceremony that is very close to nature. Open spaces also allow them to have garden games. This is another trend that breaks free from the traditional type.

Historical Appeal

Wedding venues for rustic-themed weddings usually holds a rich history behind them. This also appeals to modern-day couples. They want their special day to be a part of something bigger—the meshing of the past and present, so to speak. Thus, by holding their ceremonies in such venues, they are adding to the history of the place. This also adds a sense of timelessness to their union.

A wedding is a very personal choice. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It should reflect the personality, story, and love of the couple. So they can do it as they see fit.

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