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Get Them to Work: The Value of Assigning Teens Chores

Now more than ever, we need all the help we can get, especially with cutting costs, an overcrowded work-from-home setup, busy schedules, and making things work for everyone despite the current situation. For most parents, persuading their teens to do household chores can be challenging, even before the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. On the contrary, requiring them to help around the house is an excellent opportunity to teach them gratitude and develop a stronger parent-child relationship vital for a peaceful household.

Your teen is capable.

Believe it or not, your teen is much more capable of undertaking responsibilities around the house than you think. They will, however, require supervision and assistance as they understand how to execute their duties effectively. With this, parents and guardians need to understand the difference between guidance and nagging.

Instead, consider demonstrating how a particular task is done and following up on their progress to ensure they do it themselves. Moreover, explain the importance of cleaning and why proper hygiene is essential. Thus, teach your teen the appropriate way to wash their clothes, clean the garage, and water the plants.

Giving them chores around the house is also an excellent approach to teach them about self-worth and self-awareness vital for their educational, social, and professional success contributing to life’s satisfaction.

Consider the dangers

The majority of teenagers are old enough to complete housework, primarily when guided accordingly. However, each adolescent is unique. Although you should not treat your teen like a little kid anymore, ensure that they are entirely aware of the basic safety precautions, issues, and how to avoid them around the house.

Preventing accidents and ensuring that they know what to do in emergencies should be your top priority. The risks include handling hazardous items such as cleaning chemicals and other similar concerns. Talk about the first aid they can do if they or someone else comes into contact with such toxins. Moreover, consider discussing safety in using power tools and appliances such as extension cables, checking on cords for damage before plugging them in, and utilizing cookware and vacuums. It is essential to give them enough supervision and ensure they can handle things well before trusting them independently.

Furthermore, never assign your teen complex chores such as electrical repairs, plumbing, and structural work, as these tasks require experts in the field. Thus, if you need someone to fix or upgrade any indoor or outdoor concerns, consider hiring a professional gutter and roofing contractor instead for everyone’s safety.

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Schedule chores in advance

Sometimes, rushing someone to do things at the last minute can result in a heated debate, and your teenager isn’t an exception, especially if they have other things scheduled to do. This includes schoolwork, part-time jobs, or bonding with their friends. Hence, if possible, communicate your expectations ahead.

You can do this by assigning them regular tasks as part of their daily responsibilities, such as fetching the mail every morning, throwing the trash, and cleaning their rooms. Remember that they also have other priorities, so try to respect their time as much as you want them to respect yours.

Be lenient

The adolescent years are ideal for helping kids develop crucial life skills, including self-discipline and accountability. You can do this by assigning them chores and giving them room for growth that eventually fosters independence. For instance, consider giving them the freedom to do whatever they want when their duties for the day are done. That includes going to the mall, playing video games, relaxing with their gadgets, or any other teenage privileges you allow them to have. Then let them decide to accomplish each task on their terms to help them manage their time better.

The carrot and stick system

Although some people believe that children should be rewarded for doing their duties, others think that they should pitch in and assist around the house without being compensated. Of course, both beliefs make a reasonably good point. Thus, it’s best to consider a midway approach to work both ways.

Consider rewarding your kid for additional tasks that you will otherwise employ someone else to complete. Consequently, don’t be afraid to put your foot down if needed. You are still the parent at the end of the day, so make sure they know the consequences should they fail to fulfill their responsibilities. However, aim for balance as giving too much or too little can make or break a child.

Your teen will eventually have to live on their own. Therefore, you have to groom them to be a productive part of a community by assigning them chores as part of their journey towards maturity and learning the skills necessary to survive.

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