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Different Types of Footstools and their Suitable Materials

If you sit on a high chair or sofa, and your feet are left hanging mid-air, the result will be muscle strains in your legs, paving way for various medical problems in the long run. Using a footstool promotes blood flow; helps improve your posture, as you will not hunch trying to keep your feet on the floor. For pregnant women, they come in handy to alleviate swelling that comes with increased pressure, especially in the second and last trimester.

If you want to buy a footstool online, here are the options you may consider and their suitable materials:

Storage Footstools

This multipurpose pieces offer excellent support to your feet and also provide plenty of extra storage space. The top padded part of the stool acts as a lid that can be removed to store or retrieve items in the stool. If you have space constraints, go for a foldable storage footstool, as you can easily tuck it away to create more room.

While they are suitable for use anywhere, storage stools come in handy in kids’ rooms as the storage compartment can be used to store toys and books. Additionally, since children are generally small, they can comfortably use the stools as seats. There are plenty of customizable cover options for the padded top. Therefore, you can easily choose something that works well with the style and feel of the room that you want to put it in.

The Ottoman

This is a statement furniture piece. They effortlessly elevate the style quotient of your home décor. They are made with thick padding that adds to the rich appearance and plushness. Some ottoman styles contain small storage spaces just enough for small items such as a book or a lip balm that you might require while lying on your sofa or bed.

Ottoman footstools come in plenty of sizes, with some small enough to complement a single sofa or armchair, while others are long and wide to suit a long sofa. If you had already purchased a sofa, the ottoman comes in plenty of styles such that you can easily pair it up with any type and color of the sofa.

Pouf Stool

These are a great addition to your home décor. They come in different shapes, such as round, rectangular, square, among others. This makes it easy to pair it up with the rest of your furniture pieces and your home style. Pouf stools are the most affordable option in all footstools. This does not in any way affect their quality and versatility. Unlike the other options, pouf stools are padded all around. This makes them plush and comfortable for use for prolonged periods without causing discomfort. However, this footstool type does not come with extra storage space.

If you have found a footstool but are worried whether the fabric will stand up to the rough and tumble of daily use, here are a few suggestions.


You can never go wrong with cotton fabric. The old-age textile is among the strongest and easy to maintain fabrics available today. It is highly resilient, can be washed with warm soapy water to dislodge dirt and debris. Ensure to go for high-quality cotton as it can only shrink minimally and have high piling resistance. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and the use of bleaches.


Made from the fibers of the strong flax plant, linen equals durability. It is stronger than cotton and gets even better when wet. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep washing the cover as many times as possible. If your stool has a removable cover, toss it in the washing machine instead of dry cleaning. Additionally, linen resists lint, stains, abrasion, and dirt. While it creases out, you can iron it out to return it to its original shape.


This semi-synthetic material is manufactured from cellulose fiber. It is softer than cotton, has a shiny look and a cozy silky feel. Beauty does not come without a cost. It is highly delicate in the washing machine, and it is prone to wrinkles, shrinking, bleeding, and fading if it is not well taken care of. If you love the appearance of viscose but hate the downsides, use it in a blend. When combined with polyester or cotton, it is a perfect material.

There are plenty of types of footstools and materials that blend in with your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Some offer storage space, while others are wide enough to be used as seats. Choose one that will maximize your comfort and add to the elegance of your space.

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