Under the Tuscan Sun: Designing an Italian-inspired Garden

The design of your garden can say a lot about you and your home. This is why you need to be very creative when it comes to planning it. You may already have a theme in mind, but somehow you are second-guessing it because you believe that it has been done a lot of times before. If you are looking to give your garden a European flavor, you might want to try something different. You might want to capture the bright and sunny sensibilities of the land while ensuring that your patch of green remains fresh. In this regard, Tuscan aesthetics certainly fits your requirements.

One major characteristic of Tuscan garden design is that it is grounded—literally. Despite using a lot of colors, you will still see a great deal of earth tones in the form of clay and terracotta. Your choice of plants will also define the theme. If you are planning to implement this landscape design, here are some of the things that you need to remember:

Pick the right plants

One factor that will make your Tuscan garden obvious is the use of plants. You need to pick plants that also grow in the Mediterranean. Traditional choices include herbs such as lavender, sage, and rosemary. But if you are looking for tall plants, go for olive trees, especially if you have a large lot. Succulents may work, but use them sparingly. These plants have traditional roots to the Tuscan landscaping. Flowers with strong colors, such as red, will also work.

Create strong contrasts

formal garden

To create tension and contrasts, you should have a variety of strong and bold colors such as red, brown, and deep orange. This is because these shades stand out when the noon or afternoon light shine on them, thus making your garden look good. Veer away from light colors, such as pink and sky blue, as they tend to look too bright under the sunlight.

Be careful with your choice of stone

Experts in landscape installation in Park City say that your choice of stone will help make the design much more recognizable. Tuscan designs are all about warm, earth tones, so materials such as red stones and clay will certainly do the trick. As mentioned, terracotta and brick are also suitable. Dark and gray stones, however, may feel and look quite out of place.

Use your walls

Your walls also serve as a canvas for your Tuscan garden. The patio and garden walls can serve as spaces for your crawlers such as grapevines. These spots also make the perfect place to hang some of your plants and succulents.

Dressing up your garden may be one of your goals this season. And if you are looking to give it a fresh look, a Tuscan garden design may make a good choice. What’s good about this theme is that it is flexible. It can easily suit a variety of Western exterior design. Just plan out the things carefully to ensure a great and beautiful outcome.

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