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What Businesses Will Promote Local Tourism?

How can you help local tourism? If you are planning a business, one of the things that you can do is make sure that your business aligns with the character of your area. If your area is known for seafood, how about a restaurant or a shop that sells preserved and processed squid, shrimp, and fish? If it is known for its mountain range, then one way to help the local tourism is to sell hiking equipment seeing as a lot of travelers are going there to try their hands at hiking.

Even if your business isn’t precisely tourism-centered, it can still contribute to attracting more tourists to your area. For example, you can blog about where your shop is located and why it has become the perfect home for your business. You can do a vlog about the area and show customers from all over the country how fun it is to do business there.

Food Truck

Is there anything more fun to run than a food truck? Sure, the amount of work you need to pour into this will sometimes make you bleed literally, but it’s a rewarding experience to run a successful food truck. It is also flexible since you can bring it anywhere around the locality.

So, how can you promote local tourism through a food truck? Simple. Serve only local food. If your area is known for seafood, then think of many creative ways to serve fish, shrimps, and mussels. However, you may want to put a twist on local favorites so that things won’t get boring.

You can even have different themes for your food truck, depending on events that your city or town celebrates each month. If you live in a mostly Jewish community, then mark important dates on your calendar. This will also avoid gaffes wherein you might be offering something festive when the community observes silence and sobriety.

Souvenir and Gift Shop

many different travel magnet souvenires

A local gift shop is another great idea to promote tourism. You can sell souvenirs that will remind tourists of the time they spent in the city or town. You can also sell trinkets that they can take home to their friends. The name of the town doesn’t need to be always plastered on shirts or coffee mugs, but it will be nice if customers can pick a stuffed toy, for example, in the shape of the town’s official mascot.

Where do you put gift shops? Make sure they’re in the tourist sites in town. The city and local mall should have souvenir shops, too, but focus on building one right in the heart of famous tourist spots. In fact, if you own another business like a restaurant, you can cordon off an area and turn it into a souvenir shop. This way, you can even sell your business merchandise there.

Walking Tours

Do you know your locality like the back of your hand? Then, it’s time to offer your services as a tour or walk guide. Who knows the town better than a local? You can take tourists to sites where locals meet and gather and dine. You can take them to secret places you’ve been in as a kid. There’s so much you can share with tourists who want to get to know your place better.

If there’s a nearby mountain trail, you are the perfect guide because you should know the terrain well. However, make sure to still study the area and partner with the local tourism office before offering your services. As much as you know the town by heart, the tourism office will set some guidelines to follow if you want to be an official guide.

Farmer’s Markets

Is there anything that shouts local tourism more than a farmer’s market? The market is not your ordinary supermarket or grocery. The point of having weekend markets in the town plaza, for example, is to showcase local products, home-baked goodies, and handmade crafts.

You can organize this by inviting fellow local shop owners and asking for sponsorship from the local government. All you need is a small area in the town’s center to attract not only tourists but locals as well. In as much as tourists love farmer’s markets, this can also be a part of the town’s local culture.

Take your pick when it comes to businesses that support and encourage local tourism. There is always a good way to incorporate its promotion into your business. The important thing is to understand what attracts tourists to your town and use that attraction to trigger more of their interests and positive feedback.

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