What You Need to Know About Broaching

If you’re in the business of metalworking, you are probably familiar with the process known as broaching. It is the precise process of removing materials, usually metal, to cut a predetermined shape. This is possible by using a broach, which is a tool that you use to remove excess materials in a workpiece.

This process is common in cutting circular and odd shapes, be it external or internal cuts. When you are working on soft metals like aluminum and copper alloys, or something even softer like wood, plastics, and polymer, you’d be soon acquainted with the broaching tool.

Don’t be mistaken as you can also do broaching on hard metals like high carbon steel and even titanium. However, the practice is not advisable because of the natural hardness of the workpiece, dulling the broach rather quickly.

If you are manufacturing gears, it’s not uncommon to hear broaching daily. For example, you have a large order of a machined part of a fast-selling vehicle in your area. For services such as broaching, Wisconsin residents and those from nearby locales rely on local, home-grown providers. This way, production costs could be kept to a minimum, and there’s no need to spend exorbitant fees for shipping.

In case you are looking for other reasons to be sold on the service, here are some of the advantages of the broaching process.

Quick Turnaround


Broaching has a high production rate and low cycle, a perfect combination for those who don’t want to be stressed for long. This only means that you are faster than other metal cutting operations, allowing you to keep the cost down effectively. Imagine working on an order for a dozen of the same metal gear. Without broaching, you’d need to work on them altogether, spending lots of time away from your loved ones. Broaching speeds up the process, and in turn, the price per piece of the material goes down.

Modern-day broaching is even quicker. Just feed the dimensions into a machine and it will do the rest. Working on several hundred pieces is not an impossible task anymore. Again, this process could be used for external and internal cutting operations, meaning, nothing limits your process from creating, just your creativity.

Great Surface Finish

Because of the precise cutting of a broach, it’s hard to spot any mistakes on the manufacturers’ end. Scratches and dents barely come up, aside from those with metal pieces with cosmetic defects. The accuracy of this machine ensures that what you imagined and planned will come to fruition. Working on metal, it’s hard to do any of these without the proper tools. Broaching adds to that toolset, as you have a wide variety of options with the equipment that you have.

Economical, Perfect for Mass Production

Do you want to take the next step and accept bulk orders from your clients? Broaching is the perfect process for you. Instead of hand-making them and taking forever to finish, you can just use a broaching machine to work on multiple processes at the same time.

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