A Journalist’s Responsibility

I love a Sunday supplement. As a huge fan of magazines and the like when Sunday rolls round I’m soon heading to the shop hoping all of my favourite papers complete with their free magazines are still on the shelves. A Sunday supplement that has recently found its way into my favourite reads is the [...]

V Festival 2016: My 10 Best Bits

v festival
I don’t have much success when it comes to festivals. As I’ve previously written, I went to Global Gathering back in July 2009 and it was quite possibly one of the worst experiences of my life.  We ended up having to be rescued by my best friends step dad and I spent the rest of the [...]

Review: Ex On The Beach All Stars

ex on the beach
For me, the first series of Ex On The Beach was a winning concept. Stick a bunch of glamorous(ish) wannabe celebs on a ‘remote’ island for what has likely been sold to them as a holiday of a lifetime and just as things are all hunky dory, drop some exes in to the mix. That’s [...]

Review: The Only Way Is Essex Series ...

It doesn’t feel like it was 4 months ago since I wrote my last review of a series of TOWIE but indeed it is, 4 months and a couple of days in fact. I always feel like I’m not given enough time to get my head around the end of a series. This time around [...]

10 Noises That Incite Rage Within Me

Before I begin, please allow me to make it clear here. I am not a miserable person.  Far from it in fact, however, I’ve began to realise recently that there are a number of noises that do something to me and it ain’t pretty. Below is a comprehensive list of 10 noises that I’ve come [...]

Celebrity Big Brother Ain’t Wha...

I was really looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother starting in July. I thoroughly enjoyed the series earlier this year and had high hopes for the Summer series.  While I didn’t know a lot of the ‘celebs’ who were lined up to take part, that didn’t really matter too much to me. We’re currently just [...]

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