Is Marriage The Kiss Of Death?

Now, before I begin, I can’t use personal experience with this because I have never been married myself. I’m engaged; not to be married, as previously written.  With my only experience of all things matrimonial being 2 cancelled weddings and many a time resuming the role of drunken wedding guest. Following the news that Brad [...]

Top 10 Britney Spears Songs

britney spears
You’re cringing aren’t you? You’re thinking why the hell is a 30 year old woman compiling a list of her 10 most favourite Britney tracks? Has she woken up in 2001? (I wish) Have all of her senses taken leave? Well, none of the above. No matter how much I’d love to wake up in 2001 again, [...]

Sorry Doesn’t Seem To Be The Ha...

Sorry Elton John. Sorry Blue.  And sorry to whoever else might have covered this song, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you on something. Yesterday, whilst in work, I happened to walk up the stairs at the same time as someone was coming down. This happens often, I work in a [...]

Accepting The Black Cloud

I’ve got a new Wednesday night routine. It involves my vain attempt to get fit you see. I have a small gym in my house that is collecting dust because I make any excuse I can not to venture in there.  I’m on my period, I’m tired, it’s too hot, I haven’t got time are just [...]

What Do You Mean You Don’t Want...

no kids
A topic that has been mooted over the last few days surrounds the subject of women who don’t have children. Following an article which featured an interview with Scotland’s First Minister; Nicola Sturgeon, The Sunday Times came in for a barrage of criticism because alongside the interview in which Ms Sturgeon talked openly about a [...]

Post Natal Depression: Is Time A Heal...

This week is Post Natal Depression Awareness Week, an illness that many of you will know strikes a chord with me. I suffered from PND as well as Post Natal Anxiety throughout 2014 and part of 2015, it was a horrendous time in my life and something that whilst in the terrifying grips of it, [...]

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