Swan Syndrome

I’m not much of a crier. Life doesn’t really make me cry, the only times I’ve ever really been known to cry is whilst watching a sad film (actually hyperventilated during The Notebook – snotfest alert) or a programme on TV. Although, I’d concede I can be quite emotional, I still wouldn’t call myself a crier [...]

** WANTED ** Willpower

I’m really, really pissed off with myself. I dared to take a step onto the scales on Monday morning. I don’t know why I do it to myself. When I’d last taken a tentative step onto the scales of doom 2 weeks previous, I was rather pleased with what it flashed back at me.  OK, [...]

Sterilisation: Old Enough To Have A B...

I’ve found a new woman I admire. Strong, opinionated women who stick to their guns are individuals I stick on something of a pedestal. In a world where social media dominates and it’s easier than ever to pass judgment on someone, if there is a person who is prepared to fight tooth and nail for their cause [...]

Thirty (And 1 Week)

You rolled your eyes when you saw the title of this post didn’t you? Go on, admit it.   You thought once I turned 30, that would be it.  No more inane drivel spouted from myself about how I’m dreading the big 3 0 and being ever so slightly melodramatic about my change of age. I [...]

1 Day To 30: My Bucket List

warning turning 30
This is it. My last day as a twenty something is finally upon me. I feel I should do something outrageous to celebrate this illustrious day, however, due to work commitments, several beauty appointments and looking after my son, I can’t factor any spare time to do a bungee jump or streak across the centre of [...]

Maternal Mental Health Matters

I popped into Sainsburys last night for a few post work purchases, while I was trying to negotiate the self-service checkout without kicking it out of pure frustration, I was stopped in my tracks. I heard a new-born baby cry. Strange reason to stop what I was doing you might think? Especially as this new-born [...]

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