Celebrity Magazines & Breastfeed...

I’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to buying celebrity magazines. Wes is always on at me to curtail my spending habit, especially when it comes to handing over my hard earned cash on a gossip mag or 5. I’ve been the same since I was a teenager. Being someone who has [...]

Celebrity Big Brother: The Line Up

It only feels like yesterday we were watching one of the most stand out series’ of Celebrity Big Brother in the show’s 15 year history. What a few weeks that was and certainly kicked 2016 off with a bang.  It was drama galore and provided us Reality TV lovers with plenty to talk about, not [...]

Review: Naked Attraction

naked attraction
It takes a lot to shock me. I like to think I’m quite a liberal minded person.  But even I could not believe my eyes when I sat down to watch the new Channel 4 dating show aptly named Naked Attraction. In my naivety, I pondered; naked? Just how naked is this?  I mean, it’s [...]

Mission Impossible: Week 2

In the week that we experienced the hottest temperatures of 2016 so far, I found myself indulging. Not necessarily in food, more of the liquid variety.  The alcoholic liquid variety. Monday started with the best intentions, as it always does. But once the sun was radiating and the temperature was climbing I was rifling in [...]

Review: Playa In Marbella

playa in marbella
Did I mention I’m off to Marbella in September? Yes, OK, I know I’ve dropped it into a fair few blog posts over recent months but hey I’m excited (just not bikini body ready but I still have time – just). Not only have I made no secret of the fact I’m off to Southern [...]

Review: Cau, Bath (with a difference)

“When you’re home this morning, sort out a nice outfit and don’t eat too much today.” This is a text message I received early on Saturday morning while Wes was at work and I was at home with a toddler who doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘lie in’. I don’t do surprises well.  [...]

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