Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

love yourself
Sometimes, in life, we really can be our own worst enemies. I’d never take my best friend to one side and say “You’re a bad Mum, you’re a horrible person, you’re worthless, you’re ugly etc…”. I’d be the first one to celebrate how amazing she is and how lucky I feel to have her in [...]

Living With…..Emetophobia

It was a Sunday afternoon. I can’t remember the year, I want to say 1993 but I can’t be certain. Most unlike me, my long term memory is pretty incredible especially with significant events. I was 7 or maybe 8, it was an unremarkable day, spent doing what most kids that age do and then [...]

Too Posh To Pitch

You’d have to be living on a remote island somewhere to not know that this week marks the start of the worlds most renowned and talked about festival; Glastonbury. I’ve never been nor have I ever embarked on the huge mission to try and procure tickets. Don’t get me wrong, it looks absolutely amazing and [...]

Miss Great Britain; Get With The Time...

love island
Like nearly a million other members of the UK TV viewing public, I’ve become slightly obsessed with an ITV2 reality TV series this Summer. Love Island is a TV programme that was originally commissioned back in the mid noughties which featured a number of D List celebrities (I can’t call them Z Listers because that [...]

What’s Happened To Me?

Something’s happened. I’m not quite sure when this change took place, it might even have been overnight but it’s a definite change and I actually quite like it.  I’m welcoming it with open arms. DUM…DUM…DUM……..I’ve ditched the make up! OK, so you were probably thinking it was going to be slightly more profound than that [...]

Review: 2-in-1 Hair Straightening Bru...

Picture this. It’s the day of your 30th Birthday party and your less-than-2 year old hair straighteners have decided to shuffle off this mortal coil leaving you with less than perfectly coiffed hair for your big night. They’d been threatening to do it for ages, making this really annoying noise once they were turned on for [...]

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